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Fibre by Auskin - Lambskin Rugs - Longwool Pillows & Cushions

Fibre by Auskin - Lambskin Rugs - Longwool Pillows & Cushions 

The Auskin story began with a wholesale souvenir business in Queensland, Australia, underscored by a vision to challenge the woolskin industry. Auskin produces the finest lambskin products. Never sacrificing quality for quantity, Auskin ensures that only the highest quality raw materials are selected. These premium materials are then processed using a unique technology that enhances the natural beauty and tactile properties of sheepskin, safely and with minimal impact on the environment. A subtle blend of science and craft retains the natural softness of wool fibers while securing them into an all leather sueded backing. is proud to offer the Fibre by Auskin line of lambskin and sheepskin rugs and other unique products for the home and lifestyles of today. An array of innovative interior design rugs in a variety of natural textures are available in hues of earthy tones. Bringing luxury and style to every room of the house, Auskin lambskins are the perfect accessory to adorn your hardwood floors.

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Fibre by Auskin Artic Icelandic Sheepskin One Pelt

Auskin Terrain Design Rugs

Auskin Artic Icelandic Icelandic Sheepskin Cushion

Auskin Lambskin Beanbag

Auskin Basics Lambskin Floor Cushions & Pillows

Auskin Wild & Wooly Pillows - long wool sheepskin pillows.

Auskin Lambskin Cushions & Pillows - Basics

Auskin Longwool Lamb

Auskin Longwool & Shearling Sheepskin Bolster Pillows

Auskin Circles Cowhide Rug - Opt Art rug design.

Peacock Alley Pebble collection includes a rug and pillow.

Auskin Shearling Antiquity Collection Area Rug

Auskin Basic Collection Throw Rugs

Askin Throw Rug - Bungalow

Cowhide and lambskin shearling rug.

Auskin Loft Area Rug

Auskin Nature Area Rug - Lamb Shorns

Auskin Shearling Organics Collection Area Rug


Auskin Shearling Design Pillows are offered in 7 patterns.


Auskin Tibetan Throw & Pillow.