Defining Elegance

Pyar & Co Decorative Pillows

Pyar and Co

Just like the iconic Indian saris which first inspired Paula Queen to launch her company, each pillow in the Pyar & Co. collection is handcrafted and distinct. From the exclusive embellishments, sourced by Queen in the Indian markets, to the woven luxurious fabrics; which all reach the hands of the artisan whom stitch-by-stitch, detail-by-detail, will create the composition of the pillow. Queen aims to create unlikely pairings such as metal and silk with intent for each pillow to celebrate a timeless work of art.

"The process in which a pillow develops is quite comparable to the way a flower, or a nature, emerges for the first time each season. I envision the experience and development of each pillow from initial inspiration, to pencil sketches, to the hands of the artisans whom construct each individual stitch, knot, and develop the pillow with true craftsmanship. The moment a pillow arrives at the Studio, it is as if new life has emerged and announces itself to the world! Upon each pillow's arrival, we cheer for their moment and the beauty they will offer to the world!"

Paula Queen, Founder