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SDH Products of Natural European Luxury
SDH Bedding and Linens...Made in Italy, all SDH Bedding and Linens is creatively designed from all natural elements. An all-natural lifestyle doesn't mean having to give up style, comfort, or high quality. These luxury collections have true and lasting beauty.

Product samples are available for most styles and are fully refundable when returned within 30 days. Need a custom size or need assistance? Please call us at 1-800-798-1504 or 973-347-8392 or use our contact form and we will be happy to assist you.

See fabric care instructions below.

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SDH Bedding Adlon - woven from 100% Egyptian Cotton.

SDH Allegro Coverlet & Throws & Shams


SDH Baton Rouge is available in three colors

SDH Camden Duvet & Cover Collection presents SDH Canterbury Sateen, available as a Duvet Cover, Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Pillowcases, Shams,

SDH Capri Percale Bedding

SDH Cavi Bedding

SDH Corfu Covers

SDH Corso Bedding is made with 60% Egyptian Cotton / 40% Linen.

SDH Elba Bedding - Jacquard - 60% Egyptian Cotton / 40% Linen. Yarn dyed boutis stripe.

SDH Emma Bedding - three color yarn dyed jacquard - 45% Wool/40% Egyptian Cotton/15% Linen.

SDH Far East

SDH Ella Bedding - Two color yard dyed sateen.

Fine Fabric Wash

SDH Gobi Boutis

SDH Gobi Cashmere is an all-natural SDH bedding line is brushed with color.

SDH Bedding Granato - 55% Egyptian Cotton/45% Silk duvet, shams, and bedskirt are woven in Italy.

SDH Hydrangea

SDH Julia Bedding is available in three colors.

SDH Kara & Ming

SDH Kent Bedding yarn dyed twill.

Kimi by SDH Bedding

SDH Bedding Koji - 85% Egyptian Cotton/15% Silk duvet, Cover, Sham and Decorative Pillow are woven in Italy.

Lacrosse by SDH

SDH Jazz Bedding is a 3 - Color yarn dyed jacquard - A beautiful selection from our luxury bedding collection.

SDH Bedding Livana - 60% Egyptian Cotton/40% Wool duvet, shams, and decorative pillows are woven in Italy.

SDH Bedding Livenza - 100% Egyptian Cotton duvet, shams, and sheeting is woven in Italy.


SDH Marrakesh

SDH Bedding Milos - 100% linen - 2 color yarn dyed jacquard

SDH Napoli Bedding is made with 55% Egyptian Cotton / 45% Linen.

SDH Bedding Octavia - 100% linen - 2 color yarn dyed jacquard

SDH Oxford Duvet & Sheeting Collection

Paros by SDH Bedding - Fine European Linens - Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Paros Linen by SDH Bedding - Fine European Linens

SDH Pavia Sateen

SDH Pebbles Bedding - 2 - color yarn dyed boutis - 55% Linen / 45% Egyptian Cotton.

SDH Petalo Bedding is available in three colors.

SDH Platino Bedding

S D H P o u f Throws & Coverlet & Shams

SDH Recco Bedding & Table Linens is made with 55% Egyptian Cotton / 45% Linen.

Regatta by SDH Bedding - Capri Percale Egytpian Cotton

SDH Ruby

Rugby by SDH Bedding - Capri Percale Egytpian Cotton

Salon Ankara

SDH Savannah Bedding is made with 5 - color yarn dyed jacquard.

SDH Trentino Bedding is available in four colors.

Wicker by SDH Fine European Linens

SDH Xerxes Coverlets & Shams

SDH Zona Bedding is available in three colors.

Anna by SDH Bedding


Sumi bedding by SDH

SDH Malta Stripe Bedding

Fabric Care: All of our SDH products with the exception of bedskirts, coverlets and matelasse products are machine wash warm and tumble dry low. We urge you to wash your linens separately from other items. Zippers, buttons, and other rough surfaces may damage the long staple fabrics causing pilling.

We recommend our SDH Fine Fabric Wash or other mild laundering products to safeguard your investment. We also strongly recommend that whatever detergent you choose, it not have any brighteners or other bleaching agents as this will eventually fade colors and inherently weaken the fibers. We do not recommend fabric softener. Remove your load promptly from the washer, shake the items and line dry or place in dryer when advisable.

Try our SDH Fabric Dryer Sachets in your dryer for a fresh clean lavender scent.

All our BEDSKIRTS, COVERLETS AND MATELASSE should be dry cleaned or machine wash cold and block or line dry. These items are NOT sized for shrinkage.

Comforters, Throws and Wool Blankets are dry clean ONLY.