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Leitner Linens - Bedding Linens

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Leitner bed linens, table linens, towels, and classic homewear feature tender shades of woven cloth manufactured in their own facility in Austria.

Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Flax fibers have an enormous capacity for moisture absorption. As a result, linen is the ideal material for direct contact with the skin, whether for clothing or household textiles. Studies have shown that linen sheets offer incomparable night-time comfort and feel cool to the touch thanks to their absorbing capacity and permanent freshness.

...Once upon a time there was a wrong opinion. And because it was so persistent, it lived for many years in the minds of the people. It was there that it told them that linen would become prickly through a great deal of washing and become very difficult to take care of. One day the prince of the country married a foreign princess. She brought chests full of the finest, softest bed linen in which her great, great, great-grandmother had slept in. And when the people heard about it, they chased the wrong opinion out of the country with curses and insults, never to be heard from again.

Leitner fabrics are also available as table linens.

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