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Bed Covers

Matelasse and Piques Bedding

Looking for that special bed cover and matching shams to complete your bedding ensemble? We've collected bed covers from all our brands including matelasses, piques, and other specialty fabrics that offer a variety of designs and textures that appeal to our sense of touch and sight. We often get questions about the differences between these types of textiles so here are the answers:
Boutis (means "stuffing") is woven with two layers of fabric and are stuffed with yarns between the layers to create a raised surface. The raised areas create the design.
Matelasse is a type of weaving technique usually with 3 or 4 yarns that creates a quilted look with depressed and raised patterns to the fabric. Matelasses are medium to heavyweight and use a double cloth construction.
Pique is similar to a matelasse, in that it a type of weaving technique. It is medium weight, using cotton or cotton blend yarns, and features a raised small geometric design.
Quilting is constructed with 2 layers of fabric with a fiberfill sandwiched in between the fabric layers. A decorative stitching pattern is then applied to anchor the layers, for asethetic appeal, and to create texture.

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