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SDH Fabric Care

Fabric Care: All of our SDH products with the exception of bedskirts, coverlets and matelasse products are machine wash warm and tumble dry low. We urge you to wash your linens separately from other items. Zippers, buttons, and other rough surfaces may damage the long staple fabrics causing pilling.

We recommend our SDH Fine Fabric Wash or other mild laundering products to safeguard your investment. We also strongly recommend that whatever detergent you choose, it not have any brighteners or other bleaching agents as this will eventually fade colors and inherently weaken the fibers. We do not recommend fabric softener. Remove your load promptly from the washer, shake the items and line dry or place in dryer when advisable.

Try our SDH Fabric Dryer Sachets in your dryer for a fresh clean lavender scent.

All our BEDSKIRTS, COVERLETS AND MATELASSE should be dry cleaned or machine wash cold and block or line dry. These items are NOT sized for shrinkage.

Comforters, Throws and Wool Blankets are dry clean ONLY.